Class Discovery

  extended by org.pandora.thought.BasicThought
      extended by org.pandora.thought.SubconsciousThought
          extended by org.pandora.thought.discovery.Discovery
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public class Discovery
extends SubconsciousThought

Discover is a sub-conscious thought that seeks to discover information on active memory through the senses.

Field Summary
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delay, threshold
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean processInput(Vertex input, Network network)
          Analyse the active memory.
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awake, getActiveMemoryBackLog, isConscious, isConsciousProcessingRequired, setActiveMemoryBackLog, think
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getName, getPandora, getPrimitive, getShortTermMemory, initialize, log, log, setName, setPandora, stop, toString
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Constructor Detail


public Discovery()
Method Detail


public boolean processInput(Vertex input,
                            Network network)
Analyse the active memory. Output the active article to the senses.

Specified by:
processInput in class SubconsciousThought